Primaseller - Delhivery WMS Integration will allow you to sync orders from Primaseller to Dehivery WMS for further automated processing of orders from WMS


Connection Credentials- Client UUID will be provided by the WMS onboarding team.

Steps to add Delhivery as a 3PL in Primaseller

Following steps need to be followed to add Delhivery as a 3PL in Primaseller:

Log in to Primaseller

1.) Go to Settings> Business Unit > 3PL

2.) Click on Add 3PL and select Fulfill by: Delhivery

3.) Enter an identifiable name to the 3PL.

4.) Connection Credentials: Enter the client UUID provided by WMS team and click on connect.

5) On successful connection, a virtual facility will be created in Primaseller.

6) On clicking the Fetch catalog, the Products and SKUs get fetched in the Primaseller master catalog if they are not already present. The inventory in the virtual facility gets updated as well.

Alternatively, the user can create products in Primaseller, or bulk upload products in the master catalog.

Read more about adding products to Primaseller here

Read more about bulk upload of products here

7.) Add Channel in Primaseller

Current integration supports

a.) Amazon Self Ship

b.) Shopify

c.) Woocommerce

d.) Magento

The documentation on each channel integration can be found in below link:

Sending inventory to WMS

In this step, we are sending inventory to the WMS facility through Purchase Orders.

PO Creation

  1. In Primaseller, navigate to Main Menu > Purchasing > Purchase Orders -> Create PO Tab and click “New Purchase Order”

  2. The user shall select the Supplier which can be his own default pickup address or can be the supplier location from where he is sending the products to Dlv FC.

3. The user shall input the products which he is sending to Dlv FC and click on “Save PO” if he wants to edit the PO for further use or can click “Send PO” to create an AGN in WMS.

4. The status of the PO will move to “Sent” and a new AGN shall be created in WMS with same PO number (eg : PO-284)

5The WMS standard process of Check In -> Start Receiving -> Putaway

Multiple Batches can be created while receiving and the same shall be updated in Primaseller as “Receiving in Progress” with multiple receipt numbers.

Once the inbound is complete for a Batch, the received inventory shall be visible on the Primaseller interface.

6Once all the items are received at FC, the AGN status shall be “Completed” and the PO status in Primaseller shall be marked as “Closed”.

NOTE - Prior to creating Purchase Orders, you need to configure Supplier & Supplier catalog. If the supplier information is not existing in the system

Sale Order Processing from WMS in Primaseller

  1. An Order can be fetched directly from the channel or can be manually created in Primaseller via UI. Learn more about Sale order creation from here. Primaseller also allows bulk uploading of Sale Orders.

  2. Based on the fc allocation rule engine automatically the order shall be allocated to ideal FC (FC having inventory and closest to consignee) with Order status as Processing and Shipment status as “allocated” in Primaseller and Order created in WMS with shipment status as “allocated”

(Note : Currently system does not support split shipment hence either complete order be assigned to one FC or shall stay in “Unassigned” status in Primaseller

3) Pick -The standard Operational flow will happen in WMS : Pickwave Generation -> Picklist -> Pick. Once the items gets Picked in WMS the same shall be updated in Primaseller

4) Packing

While Packing in WMS -> The invoice shall be fetched from Primaseller and Label shall be fetched from HQ.

The status of the shipment gets updated in WMS as Packed

The status of the shipment gets updated in the Primaseller as Packed.

The request usually takes 15-30 seconds.

In case the request takes longer time and the FC executive refreshes the page, the invoice & label can be downloaded again.

5) Ready To Ship - At this step in WMS, no notification is triggered to the Primaseller.

6) Dispatch - At the time of Dispatch in WMS, the status shall be updated in Primaseller to Shipped and once the order is Delivered the same is updated on Primaseller.


Each time a new SKU is added to your online channels, it needs to be fetched in Primaseller’s Channel Catalog & in the WMS catalog, failing to do so, the orders pertaining to the particular SKU will land in missed orders section

To fetch Channel Catalog, navigate to Catalog > Channel Catalog > Select the channel > Actions > Fetch from Channel

To fetch WMS catalog, navigate to Settings > 3PL > Select WMS facility > 3PL Catalog > Actions > Fetch 3PL catalog

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