Recommended pre-reading: Tax Configuration in Primaseller

With the launch of the GST Tax regime, you need to configure a few things in Primaseller so that your invoicing and taxation is compliant with the law.

To configure your GST Taxes in Primaseller, you will need to do the following:

Step1: Configure Tax Categories (HSN Codes)

  1. Please navigate to Settings > Tax Configuration > Tax Categories. Click on Add New Category

2. Add Category Name and add their corresponding Category Code(HSN Code).

3. On the Category SKU Mapping tab, you can map the sku’s with the respective HSN Code

These Category Codes will start appearing in the GST Invoice templates

Organizing your Category Codes -
Please organize your category codes as per unique HSN Classification provided by the government.

Contact your CA (Chartered Accountant) to get accurate HSN Codes. Primaseller is not a certified accounting expert and we are not liable for incorrect or missing HSN codes used by you.

Step 2: Configure your GSTN Number

  1. In Settings-> Tax Configuration > Tax Application Logic > in the Tax Identification Label field, choose GSTN from the dropdown and Save

2. Go to Settings > Facility and edit each facility to add your GSTN Number across all locations

This will start reflecting your GSTN Number on all invoices.

Step 3: Create GST Tax Classes

Let’s say the GST tax rate for all your products (or a category of products) is X%. For each state in India that you operate in, create two tax classes.

  1. Tax Class Name: GST_18
    In this class you will select Rate Type as Multiple CGST - 9%, SGST - 9% , IGST - 0%

2. Tax Class Name: IGST_18
In this class you will select Rate Type as Multiple CGST - 0%, SGST - 0% , IGST - 18%

If all states you operate in have the same GST Rates, you need to create the above two Tax classes only once which can be reused across states

Tax Names
Please ensure you use CGST, SGST and IGST (All capitals only) as Tax names to ensure compliance with laws and invoice templates as well.

Step 4: Create Tax Rules

For each state that you operate in, please configure the following Tax rules for some or all Categories. Navigate to Settings > Tax Configuration > Tax Rules

  1. From your State – To your State – Choose tax Class GST_X

2. From your state – To Any State – Choose tax Class IGST_X

Step 5: Select your GST Invoice Template

Navigate to Settings > Templates > Invoice Template

From the configuration for All Channels or your desired channel, click on Edit choose the template that suits you best. Then, under the Data section, select “Show Taxes” if not already selected and click on save.

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