Primaseller has integrated EasyPost for shipping that partners more than 100 carriers. Else you can use a custom shipper.

Configuring Integrated Shippers


Main Menu -> Settings -> Shipping and Click on the Add New Shipper on the Top right.

Select the shipper from the list -

You will have to configure the connection for the respective carrier.

You will find instructions on how you can retrieve connection credentials for each shipper on the Shipper configuration page. A sample page for Fedex is here.

Assigning Shippers to Orders

Navigate to Sale Order > View Orders > Select the Order -> Fulfillment. Once a fulfillment is Packed, we get the option to Assign a Shipper

  1. Once you click on Assign Shipper, you will get an option to choose Shipper & Package you have subscribed with the concerned Shipper. Primaseller also has the provision of Signature i.e to receive confirmation from recipients of the consignment, if the shipper you use facilitates the same.

2. After you select the Shipper & Package you can click on Fetch Rates

3. After clicking on Fetch Rates, you will get the below screen from where you can choose the Service Type and click on Buy Label

4. Once you purchase the Label, a tracking number will be generated and will be displayed as below. Also you will get an option to Print Label.

5. In case if you wish to delete this shipment and request for a refund of the shipment label, you can click on the three-dots on the bottom right and select Delete & Refund

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