V2 is a result of customer feedback over the last 4 years of Primaseller. This is a version which we feel can truly enhance your selling experience. We will, of course, keep adding more features as we rapidly onboard new customers and update this article.

The following is what is new in Primaseller 2.0 as compared to the first version:


  • Bin Locations inside a facility

  • Amazon FBA Integration and ability to integrate with 3PLs

  • Transfer Orders

  • More insights of inventory for every SKU like Inbound by TO, PO, Receiving Area, Estimated Stock, etc.

  • Know Weighted Average Cost(WAC) for an SKU in a facility

  • Batch numbers and expiration dates

  • Sorting and Filters on Inventory Values

  • Inventory history across SKUs for a facility

Coming soon:
– Advanced Stock Take
– Inventory App for mobile


  • Price Lists that can be mapped to Channels as well as Customer groups

  • We now support Tags and Custom Fields

  • Service SKUs

  • Category Trees

Order Processing

  • Inventory is allocated to orders almost instantaneously as opposed to the earlier time taken of ~10 minutes

  • Automate splitting of orders across locations based on Inventory and Customer Address

  • FIFO Margin Allocation to orders

  • Introducing channel type “Custom” to manage manual/phone orders/API integrations

  • Picking, Packing stages streamlined

  • Tags and Filters on orders

  • Quotes/Draft orders that can be emailed to customers before finalizing

Online Channel Integrations

  • Faster updates of inventory and orders to channels

  • Automatic fetch of products that were not fetched earlier but appear in orders

  • Channels Integrated: Amazon (FBA Included), Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay

Channels that are coming soon:
– Magento 2
– Flipkart


  • Automatic Transfer orders as well as Purchase Orders based on specified triggers

  • More granular configurations how inventory is replenished

  • Assign Orders to Facilities based on Inventory availability, customer address and special SKUs that are in an order

  • Coming soon: Automatically assign shippers based on rules


  • Dropshipping – make your suppliers ship your online orders directly

  • Landed Cost added to Purchase Receipts

  • Tags and Custom fields added to PO


  • Accept Orders for Delivery

  • Receive orders from Online Channels to be processed from the store

  • Place an order for an out-of-stock item from another store/warehouse to be delivered to the customer


  • 10x more deeper user permissions

  • GDPR Compliant

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