You can create reports based on multiple transactions and data from within Primaseller. You can create a one-time report or create scheduled reports, as needed.

Main Menu -> Reports -> Export data

Creating a Report

Click on Create Report on the top right corner.

Basic Details

Each report can be given a name. Reports are available for -

  1. Sales

  2. Payments

  3. Refunds

  4. Payments and Refunds

  5. Inventory

  6. Supplier Performance

  7. Inventory Ageing

Report Schedule

A report can be one-off or be scheduled. You can set the frequency as needed.

Report Visibility

You can restrict the visibility of the reports to -

  • Myself - Accessible only to the user setting it.

  • Restricted - Shared with a list of email addresses that the user configures.

  • Public - Can be seen by all users.

Date Range

Reports can be fetched based on a specific date range and can further be aggregated on an hourly/daily/monthly/yearly basis.


Based on the report type, the grouping section will allow you to select customized parameters according to which to group the data. Else, all data is fetched collectively.


To select the parameters you want to include in the reports in a specific report type.


When a report is required for a specific value.

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