Recommended pre-reading: eBay – Primaseller Channel Capabilities


Please make sure that you have an SKU code on eBay for each of your products, without which it will not be possible for Primaseller to fetch your catalog items.

If while adding a product on eBay, you are not asked for an SKU code, please subscribe to Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro and use the Custom Label field for SKU codes.

Creating an eBay Channel

Log in to Primaseller -

  1. Main menu -> channels -> Add Channel -> eBay

  2. You will see multiple eBay channels. Select the one that you are selling on.

  3. You will be redirected to the Create page.

Under Create, key in the following information:

Basic Details

  1. Channel Name: Give a name to your eBay channel. Preferably, the name ‘eBay’ unless you have multiple eBay accounts in which case you can number them accordingly

  2. Currency: Currency will be automatically captured as per the eBay country location you select (Ex: – Currency will be USD)

  3. Price List: Kindly note that the price list currency has to match the channel currency. Learn more about creating a price list.

  4. Default Order Tags: You can provide a default order tag so that all the orders that you receive from this channel will have a default tag associated with it. This will help you in filtering channel-specific orders in the future.

Inventory Reporting

This section helps you configure what inventory quantity will be pushed to this online channel.

Click on Inventory reporting for more details.

Order Assignment Logic

This section helps you select the Order Assignment Logic and Order Assignment Rules for all your orders on that particular channel.

Click on Order Assignment Logic and Assignment Rules for more details.

Advanced Channel Configuration

Prices on the order can be set either inclusive of taxes or exclusive of taxes.

Allow partial fulfillments and shipments:

eBay supports the splitting of orders into multiple shipments. Once you enable this feature in channel configuration in Primaseller, you will be able to partially fulfill and ship the orders.

Payment Mapping

Payment method can be selected from the list of payment mode that was pre-added in the settings page. Learn how to add payment methods.

New payment methods are auto-created when they are added. Select the payment method names that you would want Primaseller to interpret as payment on delivery.

For example “Cash on Delivery” can be interpreted as COD and will be paid on delivery.


The following rules will apply at run time while processing orders and syncing your catalog.

  • Auto Detect Fulfillment and Shipping: If you do not use Primaseller’s integrated shippers, you can mark fulfillments as 'Shipped' directly or using software such as Shipstation. Primaseller will detect and replicate the data.

  • Auto Create Invoice on Shipment Creation: Enable this if you would like an invoice to be automatically generated if a shipment is either detected from your channel or created in Primaseller.

  • Catalog fetch default configuration: These are defaults that can be overridden when you fetch your catalog from your online channel.

  • Catalog Sync default configuration: These are defaults that can be overridden when you sync your channel catalog in bulk. When 'Sync inventory' and 'Sync price' are enabled, Primaseller will update the existing Primaseller inventory and prices to the channel.


If you have taxes configured on your website, Primaseller can use that data for invoicing.

However, if you would like more granularity of taxes based on location and types of products, you can configure Tax Classes and Tax rules. Taxes will then be automatically applied based on these rules.

Connect the Channel

Click Create after filling in all the details on Primaseller. You will be redirected to eBay for authentication.

(If you are updating the channel and then trying to connect to eBay for authentication, there will be a button with display text as “Click here to connect with your eBay Account“. The button will be visible only if the channel is Active but Disconnected)

Provide credentials and give Primaseller permission by selecting the checkbox.

You will be taken back to Primaseller when the authentication is successful.

Fetch Catalog

Next, you will be prompted to fetch the catalog from eBay into Primaseller. If you have existing SKUs in your Master Catalog and the SKUs in eBay have the same SKU codes, they will automatically get mapped. Otherwise, new SKUs will be created.

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