Primaseller recommends all its sellers to subscribe to the eBay Selling Manager to ensure that all listings have an SKU Code.

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What is Selling Manager?

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro are online selling tools that you can use to manage listings, track sales, and perform common post-sales tasks. Conveniently located in My eBay, these selling tools are designed to save you time and expand the range of functions that you can perform on eBay.

Selling Manager helps sellers manage listings, track sales status, and perform post-sales tasks such as leaving feedback and printing shipping labels.

What is the cost of Selling Manager’s subscription?

Selling Manager comes free with your seller account.

Selling Manager Pro is available for a 30 day free trial for first-time subscribers. After the 30-day period, if you continue your subscription, you will be charged $15.99 per month for normal sellers. However, if you are a Premium or Anchor eBay Store Seller, it is free for you.

Subscribing to the Selling Manager

  1. To start your subscription: Go to the Subscriptions page. You may be asked to sign in

  2. Click on the link, Subscribe, to the right of the selling tool you want to subscribe to or click on the Learn more link to get more information about the tool first. Click on the Subscribe Now button.

  3. Click the Continue button after selecting Selling Manager (or Selling Manager Pro).

(Go through the terms and conditions and select the check box giving your consent accepting them before Subscribing for the Selling Manager)

Tip: You can also find the Subscriptions page in My eBay. Click on My eBay at the top of any page, select the Account tab, and then click on the Subscriptions link on the left side of the page.

Once you are done with subscribing to Selling Manager, you will find a link to “Continue to Selling Manager”. You can also click on My eBay to access your Selling Manager.

Managing Listings using Selling Manager

Creating Listings in Bulk

  1. In My eBay, go to the Selling Manager Drafts, Active, Sold, or Unsold view.

  2. Click Create listing and then select Multiple listings.

  3. You will be asked to select the category under which you want to sell.


4. On the Start new listings page, enter the number of new listings you want to create and provide the Custom Value for the first listing. (This custom value is very important as this will be used as SKU code by Primaseller)

5. Enter the information that’s the same for all the listings you’re creating. For example, you might want to use the same category, shipping, and payment information for all of the listings.

6. Click on Continue.

7. For each listing, enter the values that are unique for that listing in the Quick edit panel. (If you don’t see the Quick edit panel, open it by clicking one of the icons next to Customize columns.)

8. Scroll down the table, one listing at a time, to edit the price, quantity, and other fields.

9. When you’re done entering the information for all the listings, click on Submit all.

Editing multiple listings

The Quick edit panel allows you to edit multiple listings in the bulk listing tool without opening each one. You can make changes to fields such as title, subtitle, item description, and item price by scrolling through your active listings and typing in the updates you want to make.

For other details, such as business policies, you can click on Edit next to the field you want to edit. You can scroll down one listing at a time in the table, make changes in the Quick edit panel, and then move on to the next listing by scrolling to the next row in the table.

To show or hide the Quick edit panel, click the appropriate icon next to Customize columns.

In addition to using the Quick edit panel, you can:

  • Edit fields directly in the table in the bulk listing tool. For some fields, such as title and price, you can edit directly in the field. For other fields, such as item specifics, you can click the field’s Edit link. To navigate across the fields in the table, use the horizontal scrollbar.

  • Edit in bulk: Select the copies you want to edit, click the Edit drop-down menu, select the field you want to edit,
    and then select whether you want to edit the field for all the listings you selected or for one listing at a time.
    Then make your changes and click Save.

You can customize the table in the bulk listing tool in several ways:

  • Customize the columns in the table: Click on the Customize columns link. Then add, remove, or rearrange columns. You can also change the default order in which the rows are sorted within the columns.

  • Change the table layout: Click on the icons next to the Customize columns link to display the table in full view, in a maximized version of the Quick edit panel, or with the standard Quick edit panel.

Updating SKU codes on Variants on eBay

If you have not provided SKU codes to your variants while creating them on eBay, you can do it now by revising your listing.

  1. Click on “Revise a listing” (that’s an option from the drop menu on an item). In case you want to bulk update, select all the Listings or those listing for which you want to update the SKU codes and click on Edit to select the required option.

  2. Select the SKU to review and modify the custom labels (SKU codes). The interface to perform this operation can be different for different countries’ eBay.

  3. You will find some option related to “Add/Edit Variations” in that area

4. You can continue as per the instructions thereafter.

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