Before you start synchronizing WooCommerce and Primaseller, please check which versions of WordPress and WooCommerce your shopping cart is built on.

To connect, Primaseller needs:

  • WooCommerce version: 3.5.x or later.

  • Running on: WordPress version 4.4 or later

In case your WooCommerce/WordPress versions are older than these, please contact us at

If you have the required version, you can start with creating a channel and synchronizing it.

Creating a WooCommerce Channel

After logging in to your Primaseller account:

  1. Main menu -> Channels

  2. On the Channels page, click on ‘Add Channel’ and choose ‘BigCommerce’.

Provide the following information:

Basic Details

  • Name: Give a name to your BigCommerce channel. Preferably, the name ‘BigCommerce’ unless you have multiple BigCommerce accounts in which case you can number them accordingly.

  • Price list: You can select either the default price list or you can create a price list specifically for BigCommerce. Learn more about price lists.

  • Currency: Select the preferred currency for your BigCommerce channel from the dropdown.

  • Default Order Tags: There is an option to add a default tag for your BigCommerce orders.

Inventory Reporting

This section will help determine how inventory is pushed to an online channel. Please checkout the Inventory reporting article for more details.

Order Assignment Logic

You can determine which orders are assigned to a particular facility based on rules. Please refer to the Order Assignment Logic article for more details.

Payment Mapping

Payment method can be selected from the list of payment mode that was pre-added in the settings page. Learn how to add payment methods.

New payment methods are auto-created when they are added. Select the payment method names that you would Primaseller to interpret as payment on delivery.

For example “Cash on Delivery” can be interpreted as COD and will be paid on delivery.


The following rules will apply at run time while processing orders and syncing your catalog.

  • Auto Detect Fulfillment and Shipping: If you do not use Primaseller’s integrated shippers, you can mark fulfillments as 'Shipped' directly or using software such as Shipstation. Primaseller will detect and replicate the data.

  • Auto Create Invoice on Shipment Creation: Enable this if you would like an invoice to be automatically generated if a shipment is either detected from your channel or created in Primaseller.

  • Catalog fetch default configuration: These are defaults that can be overridden when you fetch your catalog from your online channel.

  • Catalog Sync default configuration: These are defaults that can be overridden when you sync your channel catalog in bulk. When 'Sync inventory' and 'Sync price' are enabled, Primaseller will update the existing Primaseller inventory and prices to the channel.


If you have taxes configured on your website, Primaseller can use that data for invoicing.

However, if you would like more granularity of taxes based on location and types of products, you can configure Tax Classes and Tax rules. Taxes will then be automatically applied based on these rules.

Click on Create Channel to finish.

Connect the Channel

Generate an API Key for Primaseller from WooCommerce :

  1. From your WordPress dashboard’s left-side panel, click on WooCommerce -> Settings

  2. From the tabs on the top, click on API (check this article for a more detailed guide to enable API)

  3. If the Enable the REST API checkbox is unchecked, please check it and click on Save Changes

  4. In the links below the top row of tabs, click on the link, Keys/Apps

  5. Click on Add Key to generate a new key to connect PrimasellerEnter “Primaseller App” in the description, and select a user who will own these keys (we recommend that you add a user with Administrator privileges), and select Read/Write against the Permissions option

  6. Click on Generate API Key next. Please note the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret safely as WooCommerce will not show you these values again

On Primaseller:

Channels -> WooCommerce -> Provide Connection Credentials

  1. Type in your store’s URL in the text box. Ensure that you do not enter a trailing “/” character at the end of the URL. Please ensure that you have enabled SSL on your WooCommerce store, without which the data will not sync with Primaseller. If you access your store-front with “https://”, then you are all set. If not, please contact your store admin to enable SSL.

  2. Paste the Consumer Key

  3. Paste the Consumer Secret

  4. Click on Connect

Fetch Products from Channel Catalog

Once the WooCommerce is successfully connected, follow the below steps to fetch the products from it:

Step 1:

In the channel settings, disable the following:

  1. Click on Channel.

  2. Click on WooCommerce

  3. Under Connect Configuration, disable 'Pause order fetch', 'Pause Inventory update', and 'Pause Price update'.

  4. Click on Save.

Step 2:

  • Click on Master Catalog from the menu.

  • Click on Channel catalog.

  • Select Individual Channel and Select WooCommerce.

  • Click on Actions and Fetch from Channel.

  • Within a few minutes, the products will be fetched from WooCommerce into Primaseller.

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