Amazon FBA is modeled as a 3PL integration within Primaseller.

With this integration, you can:

  • Fetch and track Amazon FBA orders: FBA Orders are fetched and automatically assigned to a virtual FBA facility for tracking.

  • Allocate non-Amazon orders to be fulfilled by FBA: By allocating an order from a non-amazon order (say from Shopify or BigCommerce) to the Amazon FBA facility, you will trigger an Outbound shipment from FBA directly to the customer.

  • Track Inventory from FBA using 3PL Facilities (Virtual Facilities) in Primaseller – updated inventory is fetched from FBA every 90 minutes.

  • Initiate Inbound Shipments within Primaseller using Transfer Orders: When you create a transfer order from an internal facility to an FBA facility – then upon creating a shipment in Primaseller, an Inbound shipment is created in Seller Central.

    Note: Once an inbound shipment is created in Primaseller, you will then have to process the inbound shipment directly in Seller Central for the Transfer Order to be marked as completed in Primaseller.

  • Sync Invoices with QuickBooks Online – all your FBA Customer Invoices will automatically be synced with QuickBooks Online as long as you have configured the Amazon Channel to automatically generate invoices upon shipment and your QuickBooks account is configured correctly.

Primaseller does not sync FBA storage fees, commissions from Amazon FBA or MFN orders with QuickBooks. The Customer is advised to do so using a once a month/week manual consolidated expense entry into QuickBooks Online.

Setting up Amazon FBA in Primaseller

Please read this article to learn how to configure Amazon FBA

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