Primaseller fetches Amazon FBA Orders and routes them to virtual facilities that reflect your inventory with Amazon FBA.

FBA is a 3PL Service that holds details like 3PL type and names, as well as connection credentials. The 3PL Service contains a 3PL Facility (Virtual Facility).

Learn more about our integration capabilities with Amazon FBA.

Steps to configure FBA in Primaseller

The below steps apply if you haven’t created an Amazon Channel yet.

Log in to Primaseller -

  1. Main menu -> Channels -> Add Channel -> Amazon

  2. You will see multiple Amazon channels. Select the geography.

  3. You will be redirected to the Create page.

If you have an Amazon Channel in place but haven’t enabled FBA, you can do that as well.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

In Channels, Go the FBA Section, and enable FBA. You will be prompted to add a 3PL Facility.

  • Click on +Add 3PL – This will allow you to add a new 3PL service of type Amazon FBA

  • Select 3PL Type as FBA marketplace and add an identifiable name to it.

Connection Credentials:

Provide your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token. Click here to read about getting Amazon channel credentials from seller central or you can follow the below steps:

The Credentials entered here are exactly the same that you will add to your Amazon Channel as well.

  1. Go To

  2. Login to MWS using your seller central credentials

  3. Give access to Primaseller by selecting the third option, enter “Primaseller” as the developer name, and 1067-6142-4842 as the developer account number. Click on Next.

  4. Select both the checkboxes and click on Next.

  5. Save the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token

  6. On the connections page in Primaseller, Paste the Seller Id and MWS Auth Token

  7. Click on Connect.

Once you complete the above steps Virtual facility will be created which will automatically fetch inventory from FBA and keep syncing it every 90 minutes.

Inventory Reporting and Channel Catalog

Amazon FBA Inventory will automatically be managed by Amazon. Primaseller only fetches the data for display and tracking.

You can navigate to Products -> Channel Catalog and toggle a given SKU between MFN and FBA – this will update the corresponding listing on SellerCentral as well.

Order Assignment Logic

Amazon FBA orders are automatically routed to the FBA facility you set up. You do not need not configure this in assignment rules.

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