Channel Catalog is a representation of your catalog in an online channel along with its relationship with an SKU in Primaseller.

Key Attributes of Channel Catalog

Each row is a Channel SKU record which has the following attributes:

  1. SKU Code – Your unique code to identify the SKU in Primaseller

  2. Channel Listing ID – This is a code that is auto-generated by the channel, used by it to identify your products.

  3. SKU on Channel – The code you've used to list your product on a particular channel – may be different from your SKU Code internally if your coding methodology evolved since you listed it. However, it should ideally be the same as your SKU Code.

  4. Price and Sale Price: These values are picked from the Price list associated with the channel However, they can be edited here.

  5. Inventory Source: This decides what quantity is pushed to the online channel. Learn more about it here.

  6. Sync Status: This will tell you the latest sync status for each inventory Sync Status and Price Sync Status. This will also tell you when it was last synced. In case of a sync failure, you will be able to see the reason for the failure.

  7. Sync Configuration Override: This will allow you to specifically disable Inventory Sync or Price Sync for a particular SKU even if it is enabled on the Channel. Changing the value on the channel will not change this.

Mapping of SKUs in Primaseller and the Channel

If you have unmapped SKU’s then follow the below steps to Map them:

Main menu -> Catalog -> Channel catalog -> Edit (For the listing you want to Map) -> Edit mapping -> Provide the correct SKU -> Map

Let’s understand the need for the three codes -
a) SKU Code
b) SKU on Channel
c) Channel Listing ID the following examples:

Example 1: Say you are selling a Pen and you use a code “ABC101” for it in your warehouse (local system). When you list it on Amazon Canada, you use “ABC101_MFN” as your SKU code and Amazon generates “B09BDFE85” as ASIN for that product.

In this case -

  • ABC101 will be your SKU code which is the reference point of your inventory

  • ABC101_MFN is the SKU on Channel as listed by you on Amazon

  • B09BDFE85 will be the Channel listing ID for this product for Amazon Channel in Primaseller.

Example 2: Now, assume that you are selling the same product on eBay as well. On eBay, when you upload the product, you give the SKU code as “ABC101_EBay” and eBay generates an Item Id “1212432546454” for it.


  • ABC101 will remain as the SKU code which is the reference point of your inventory

  • ABC101_Ebay as the SKU on Channel and

  • 1212432546454 as the Channel listing ID generated by eBay for your product

Now, consider that you are also selling on and via your own shopping cart which is built on Magento. The Primaseller SKU code remains the same in all the cases. It will be “ABC101”. You may/may not use the same channel listing ID on each marketplace.

SKU Code

SKU On Channel

Channel listing ID














Pricing for Online Channels

The Price and Selling price on the channel catalog are picked from the price list associated with a particular channel. Editing the price here will impact all channels that use that price list.

Bundle SKUs on online channels

Bundle SKUs will be fetched like a regular SKU and can be converted into a bundle.

You can also create the bundle SKUs in Primaseller with the same SKU code as the channel before the catalog is fetched.

For more details about creating a bundle SKU click here.

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