Inventory source for online channels is configured in two places:

  • Channel – which will be the default for all items in the channel catalog.

  • Channel Catalog - can be overridden by each SKU

Configuring your Inventory Source on Channels and Channel Catalog

  1. Inventory Source: Choose the facility from which you want to push inventory into your online channel. If you select multiple facilities, the inventory of all the facilities will be pushed.

  2. Please select the default policy to be used to push inventory to this channel -
    - If you want to push the actual inventory at one or more facilities that you have chosen for Online sales, click on ‘Actual Inventory’.
    - If you only want to push a certain number of items from that facility, click on ‘Fixed Inventory’. You will be asked to provide the exact inventory count you want to be pushed to the channel.

  3. Inventory Range: A variation of fixed inventory where you can set a Ceiling and Floor value. The actual inventory, it falls in that range will be updated to the channel. Else either the Ceiling (if inventory > ceiling) or the Floor (if Inventory < Floor) numbers will be pushed.

Examples of inventory Range:
Inventory held in facility: 3 , Ceiling : 10 , Floor : 5 -> Qty sent to Channel: 5
Inventory held in facility: 12 , Ceiling : 10 , Floor : 5 -> Qty sent to Channel: 10
Inventory held in facility: 7 , Ceiling : 10 , Floor : 5 -> Qty sent to Channel: 7

The floor is useful to ensure you are never out of stock as far as the consumer is concerned and the Ceiling can be used to depict a shortage to trigger a purchase.

You can also push the Available + inbound purchase order quantity + expected inbound transfer order quantity.

For Example :

  • Inventory available in the facility: 10

  • Purchase order quantity: + 3

  • Inbound transfer order quantity : + 5

Then the quantity that will show in your channel = 18.

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