You can track and manage online order returns in Primaseller. You can initiate a partial return or a full order return, and initiate a refund depending on what the channel supports.

We recommend that you avoid creating returns for online orders in Primaseller. Initiate a return in the directly from the channel or, where applicable, your customer will do it from their end.

Primaseller will detect the return and refunds, We can detect refunds or manually create them where applicable.

Handling Returns in Primaseller (in case Primaseller has failed to detect it)

  • Main menu -> Online sales

  • Select the sale order for which to manage returns

  • Click on Fulfillment

  • Click on Initiate returns.

  • You can click on Select all items for a full order return or provide the quantity to be returned if it’s a partial return.

  • You can also change the Return to facility information or keep it the same.

  • Select the Reason for return from the dropdown.

  • You can either receive items directly or create return shipment.

  • Provide shipper details.

  • Tap on Receive shipment.

  • Returned items can be Restocked, or marked as Damaged or Lost as applicable.

  • Click on Receive items.

  • In case of a prepaid order – click on Refund.

Effect of Returned items on the Invoice

Invoices are not affected by returns and will remain unchanged.

Impact on QBO

Refer to our QuickBooks Online article for more details about return and refund impact on QBO.


Q. I have marked a few order items as returned on Primaseller. Will they be marked as returned on the corresponding channel (like Amazon/Magento) as well?

A. No, they will not be marked as Returned on the channel. Either the customer initiates a return or you update it manually.

Q. One of the orders has been marked as returned on the online channel. Will the status be updated automatically on Primaseller or will I have to do it manually?

A. Yes, they will be marked as Return in Progress in Primaseller. You can complete the returns process by selecting what should happen with the inventory in the order items.

Q. I am unable to find the option to mark an order item as returned. What do I do?

A. Please confirm if the order item’s status is Delivered. You can only return items that have been delivered.

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