Primaseller fetches open/unshipped orders from your online channels. Since the nomenclature of the status varies by channel, the list below should help in identifying the order status for different online channels.

If an order is already present in Primaseller (fetched orders), then it will get reconciled (matched) based on the corresponding order status on the channel.

Criteria to fetch Online orders into Primaseller

While configuring the online channel the order fetch date can be set (Main menu -> Channels -> Online channel -> configuration -> connection configuration).

The orders will be fetched from your online channel into Primaseller as per the date that is set in the channel configuration

Fetched orders need to meet the following criteria:

  1. The order status needs to be unshipped (or equivalent nomenclature)

  2. Order is created after the date that is set in the connection settings

The following table illustrates the different order/fulfillment/shipment statuses for different online channels -

Online Channel

Channel field considered

Orders are fetched for

Additional Comments


Order Status

Awaiting Fulfillment, Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting Pickup, Awaiting Payment.

Awaiting Payment orders are only fetched if the payment method contains the string “cash on delivery”.


Order Status

Processing, Pending payment, On-hold

Pending payment and On-hold orders are fetched when the payment method is COD/BACS/Cheque.


Fulfillment status

Fulfillment status is empty

All the orders whose Fulfillment Status is empty will be fetched.


Order Status

Completed, Cancel_pending


Order Status

Shipped and unshipped orders

For orders which are shipped, only those orders are fetched for which the shipment status is pending pickup.

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