A supplier is a person or organization that provides you with the products you sell. You raise a purchase order against your suppliers, which they fulfill and you receive items.

Adding a supplier in Primaseller

Main menu -> Purchasing -> Suppliers -> Add new supplier

  • Enter the supplier name, company, supplier code, tax number, payment terms, and currency.

  • Add supplier contact information and address.

  • Notes & Tags: You can have printed instructions on the purchase orders generated for a supplier. You can have internal notes and tags added to the supplier.

  • Advanced: You can choose whether a purchase order generated for the supplier needs approval before being sent. You can also enable automated purchasing from a supplier using Inventory Plans.

  • Dropship: A Supplier can be set up as a dropshipper. Please refer to this article for more details.

  • Additional Details: Displays custom fields for a supplier (if configured from Settings -> Custom Fields -> Supplier).

Supplier Actions

  • Edit: To edit the supplier details

  • Create PO: You can create a new purchase order for the supplier

  • Archive: To deactivate the supplier. You will not be able to create purchase orders or add SKUs to this supplier after archiving.

  • History: To view the history of the supplier. Any changes made to the supplier data will be logged here.

Supplier Catalog

Contains all the SKUs that the supplier has in their inventory. It is the list of SKUs that you will be purchasing from a specific supplier.

Main Menu -> Purchasing -> Suppliers -> Supplier Name -> Supplier Catalog

Add new SKU: Click on this to add a new SKU to the supplier. Select the SKU to be added, and provide the following details –

  • Supplier SKU code: The code by which the Supplier identifies the item. Will be present in the Purchase Order

  • Supplier SKU Name: The name by which the Supplier identifies the item. Will be present in the Purchase Order

  • Is a Pack of Base SKU: To indicate if it is a bundle SKU

  • Units Per Pack: This is the quantity of the base SKU in the bundle (applies only if the supplier catalog entry is configured as a pack)

  • Cost Price: The price of the item. If it is a bundle, then the cost price refers to the cost price of the entire bundle.

  • Minimum Order Quantity: The minimum quantity of products in the purchase order that the supplier needs to begin fulfillment.

Upload via CSV: You can add multiple SKUs to the supplier using a CSV file upload. Select the file, map the headers in the file to Primaseller headers, and upload.

Supplier SKU actions

  • Edit: To edit the Supplier SKU details.

  • History: To view the history of the supplier SKU. Any changes made to the will be logged here.

  • Delete: To delete the SKU from the supplier catalog.

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