Customers are the individuals or businesses who place orders on your Online channels or on whose behalf you place orders in POS, B2B, and Custom channels.

Main Menu -> Customers -> Customer Details

Customers can have the following details stored:

  • Type (consumer or business)

  • Basic details like Name, Company Name, and Tax ID (in case the customer type is Business)

  • Customer Group, which can also decide price overrides for the customer

  • Contact details: A customer will have one default contact and can also have additional contacts

  • Addresses: Addresses contain the billing and shipping address of the customer. Additional addresses can also be stored

  • Store Credits: Store credits accumulated by the customer

  • On Account Balances: Value of unpaid invoices against a customer

  • Customer Orders & order items: All the orders the customer has placed thus far on all channels. You can toggle it on or off.

Creating a customer

  1. Main Menu -> Customers -> Add New Customer

  2. Select the customer type – Consumer or Business.

  3. Enter all the customer details, step-by-step.

  4. Add any other additional information in notes or custom fields.

  5. Click on Save.

Customer Groups

Customer groups allow you to classify your customers for two key purposes:

  1. To classify customers based on analytics

  2. To have differential pricing by mapping a specific price list to a customer group

Creating Customer Groups

  1. Main Menu -> Customers -> Customer Groups -> Create Customer Group

  2. Name the group and assign a code

  3. Add a Price list override (optional) – if you want to sell at a special price for members of a group (POS, Custom, and B2B Channels only).

Bulk Upload of Customers

Learn more about uploading customers from this link.

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