Manifests are a collection of shipments that are assigned to each shipper. All shipments in a manifest can be processed at the same time. They can also be marked as shipped and delivered at the same time.

Creating a Manifest in Primaseller

  1. To create a manifest you will need to process a sale order and assign a shipper.

  2. Then, go to Sale orders -> View Orders -> Select Order -> Fulfillment -> Shipment actions -> Add to manifest.

  3. Add the shipment to an existing manifest by selecting 'Add to an open manifest' and selecting the appropriate manifest.

  4. You can also choose to create a new manifest for the assigned shipper.

Main Menu -> Sale Orders -> Manifest

  • A Manifest will have an 'open' or a 'closed' state.

  • An open manifest can have shipments added to it and can also be discarded.

  • If all the shipments in a manifest are marked as shipped, the manifest will be marked as 'closed'.

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