Once you receive an order, you can start processing it. Here is an overview of how it works:

1. Order Creation

Order is created manually in Primaseller or is fetched from an integrated online channel.

2. Assigning to a Facility

  • Facility Assignment can be done manually, or automatically using assignment rules on the channel.

  • When an order is assigned to a facility, a fulfillment is created for that order in that facility.

  • Then, inventory allocation will be attempted for each item in the order.

  • Fulfillments will then either remain unallocated, or move to partially allocated or allocated.

  • Fulfillments have three actions – split fulfillment, move fulfillment, and skip allocation.
    - 'Split fulfillment' allows you to fulfill an order using multiple fulfillments – from the same or multiple facilities.
    - 'Move fulfillment' will allow you to move the current fulfillment to another facility.
    - 'Skip allocation' will skip the process of allocating inventory from a facility to the fulfillment.

3.1 Picking

  • Once inventory is allocated, you can start picking the items in a fulfillment.

  • To pick items, you can either mark the fulfillment as picked or create a picklist.

  • You can add to an existing picklist or create a new picklist.

  • Once the picklist is created and items are picked, the status on the fulfillment changes to Picked.

3.2 Packing

  • After items are picked you can pack them into boxes.

  • Click on 'Pack' on a picked fulfillment to pack it. The status of the fulfillment then changes to Packed.

  • Enter the dimensions of the packed box and click on ‘Mark as packed’, the fulfillment will be packed into a Shipment.

  • You can split a shipment into multiple packed items by using the 'Split shipment' option.

4. Assigning a Shipper

  • Click on 'Assign Shipper'

  • Then 'Select the type of shipper' and 'Get rates'.

  • Select the type of service and click on 'apply'.

  • You can print a Shipment Label, the layout of which depends on the shipper.

  • Once a shipper is assigned, it moves to the Ready to Ship stage

5. Shipping

  • There are three shipment actions you can take – 'Add to manifest', 'Discard label', and 'Void'.

  • Once picked up by the assigned shipper, the status will change to Shipped.

  • Once the customer receives the shipment, the status will be displayed as Delivered.


  • Invoices can be automatically created along with a Shipment (configured on the channel) or can be done manually.

  • For manual invoice creation, go to Sale Orders -> Select order -> Invoice -> Create invoice.

  • Select the shipment for which you would like to create an invoice and select 'Create invoice' or 'Print invoice'.


  • You can either collect an advance against an order or add a payment to the invoice.

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