Fulfillments and Shipments are parts of a Sale Order and a Transfer Order.


It represents the collection of items from an order that is intended to be fulfilled from a particular facility (Standard Location/Warehouse/3PL Location/Dropship Location).

It's the fulfillment that is associated with a facility/location, and not the order (as an order can have multiple fulfillment).

Split fulfillments allows for:

  • Partial order fulfillments, where the items in the order can be delivered separately from the same facility.

  • Order fulfillments where the items are sourced from multiple facilities for the same order.


A Shipment represents a packed set of items on which a Shipment Label can be pasted and be picked up by a shipper for delivery.

A fulfillment can have multiple shipments to allow for delivery flexibility, as different parts of the fulfillment can be delivered by different shippers.

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