Main Menu -> Channel -> Select the Channel/ Add new channel -> Order Assignment Logic

Order Assignment Logic applies to Online, B2B, and Custom channels only. It does not apply to POS channels as they are directly linked to a facility.

Enable Auto-Assignment

By default, the orders will remain unassigned unless you choose to assign them to a facility.

If you want to automatically assign fulfillments of your orders to facilities based on specific rules, you need to enable the flag as shown below -

  1. Choose a default facility that will be selected in case all rules fail

  2. Add assignment rules (optional) that are executed before the default facility is picked

Assignment Rules

Rules are run in sequence for each order till one of them matches the order and a facility.
If no rule match is found, the default facility is chosen.
Each rule works independently of the other. 

Assign Basis Destination

Orders are assigned to a facility based on the shipping address of the customer i.e. based on geography.

For ex -

  • If Customer is in State A from Country Y OR if Customer is from Country Y (all states),

  • then assign to Facility X (one facility)

Assign Based on Inventory – Full order

Orders are assigned to a facility based on inventory for the entire order being present at the same facility. Primaseller will automatically check for inventory in all the added facilities, in a sequence, and assign the order to the first facility it finds from which the entire order can be fulfilled.

In the above example, the system will check if 'Store' can fulfill the entire order. If it cannot, it will then check 'Warehouse (Binned)'. If the inventory for the entire order is available from here, this facility will be picked. If not, it moves to the next facility to repeat the process. If no facility is found that can fulfill the entire order, the system executes the next rule.

Assign Based on Inventory – Split Order

Orders are assigned to a facility based on the inventory for each item and fulfillments are split across locations if needed.

Primaseller will automatically check for inventory in the following sequence and assign all order items/quantities that can be fulfilled and create fulfillments accordingly.

In the above example, the system will check if Store can fulfill at least one item. If yes, that item will get split and assigned and the system check for the rest of the order in Warehouse(Binned). The same logic is followed in all subsequent steps.

Geography based rules do not check inventory to assign the orders. Similarly, inventory based rules do not review the geographic location of the buyer to assign orders. 

Deleting an existing Rule

You can delete the existing Facility Assignment Rule by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the page and clicking on Remove.

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