An invoice is the final legal and financial document that establishes a sale.

Advances are collected against an order.

Payments are made against an invoice. The payment can be created directly or used from an advance, if applicable, against the order.

Invoices are created for sale orders but have a one-to-one mapping with a shipment of a sale order.

Learn more about processing orders here.

Payments for Invoices

Payments are made against an invoice. The moment an invoice is created, any advance on the order is consumed by the invoice and it is marked as Paid.

Invoice Configurations

  1. Invoice Template: You can configure unique templates with your logo, custom header, and footer. Each Channel can have its own overrides for invoice templates. Learn more about Invoice templates here.

  2. Invoice Sequence Number: You can configure what the Invoice Sequence Number looks like a) across your channels OR b) for each channel. Learn more about this setting here.

  3. Automation: For each channel, you can configure whether invoices are auto-created when a shipment is created for an order. Learn more about configuring channels here.

  4. Payment Method: A payment method is a means to collect payment against an order or invoice. You can configure payment methods in the system and add specific payment methods per channel. Learn more from here.

Integration with QuickBooks Online

If you have a QuickBooks Online account connected with Primaseller, all invoices created will automatically be synced to it.

Advances and Direct Payments are synced directly against the Customer in QuickBooks Online.

Learn more about how invoices are synced with Quickbooks from here.

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