• Main Menu -> Channels -> Add new channel

  • Select the channel type as 'POS'

  • Set the channel configurations.

  • Click on Save.

Channel Configuration

Main Menu -> Channels -> POS Channel -> Select POS Channel

Standard Channel Configuration

  • Channel Name: You can add or edit the name of the channel.

  • Default Facility: The facility from which the inventory is sourced for this POS channel.

  • Price List: The price list to be associated with this channel. When a sale is made, the prices will be picked from this pricelist.

Advanced Channel Configurations

  • Pricing Override: To override the pricing from the price list associated with the POS channel.

  • Tax on channel Prices: To select whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of tax.

  • Sync with accounting software: If enabled, the transactions will be synced to QuickBooks Online.

  • Default order tags: Any tags added to this field will show up on all the orders of this POS channel by default.

  • Partial Fulfillments: To enable partial fulfillments on the channel.

Payment Mapping

  • Standard Payment Methods: Indicates all the payment methods available to this channel.

  • Add payment methods: You can add more payment methods to the channel. These will show on the POS channel during checkout.


  • You will see a default register that will be created upon channel creation.

  • You can edit the register's name using the edit icon.

  • You can add a new register using the 'Add new register' button.

Advanced Configuration

  • Auto Create Invoices: Invoices are auto-generated for orders upon sale completion.

Sources for taxes

  • Tax Rules: Taxes will be picked according to the tax rules set up in the account settings.

  • Fixed-Rate: A fixed tax rate can be set to this channel and will apply to are orders/sales made on this channel.

  • You can set a fixed rate for all products, and another fixed rate for all service items.

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