Registers are individual check out lanes in your store used to register a sale and process the associated transactions. Your store can have multiple registers each manned by a cashier. Registers allow the cashiers to scan items and add them to the cart, process the sale order, print invoices, accept payments, and close the order.

Main Menu -> POS -> Launch Register app

The register app will open in a new tab. It has the following menu -

Sale: To make sales on the register. The register needs to be opened before a sale can be made.

  • Opening a Register: A register needs to be opened to start making sales. The cashier needs to launch the register app, open the register, make any cash adjustments

    The expected cash value will be displayed upon opening the register, a cash adjustment can be made if the value does not tally. Opening a register starts a new transaction on the register.

  • Closing of a Register: After a day’s sales are done, the register can be closed. All the events of the day will be captured in a transaction. Cash Adjustments can be made at the close of the register.

    If the register is not closed, the transaction will be open and the subsequent events will be captured in the same transaction.


  • Orders & Returns -> Sale Orders: This shows all the sale orders placed on a register. It contains order date, invoice amount, payment method, customer details, and the user who created the order.

  • Orders & Returns -> Return: This tab shows the returns that have been accepted at a register.

  • Delivery & Pick-ups -> Delivery: Shows all the delivery orders placed at a register. You can open and process the delivery orders from this tab.

  • Delivery & Pick-ups -> Pick-up: Shows all the pick-up orders placed on this register.


  • Contains a record of all the transactions done on the register.

  • You can open a transaction by clicking on the transaction ID.

  • The transaction contains a record of manual adjustments, order payments, and returns refunds.

Settings: Lets you configure the settings of the register.

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