A return can be initiated for orders which are marked as completed. Any payments made on the invoice can be refunded. You can also create a partial refund and return.

Creating Return Shipment/Receive Item directly For POS delivery orders

  1. Main Menu -> Sale Orders ->View orders-> Select Order (Completed order) -> Fulfillment -> Initiate Return.

  2. Select the quantity to be returned.

  3. You can either return the item(s) directly or create a return shipment.

  4. Select the reason for return from the dropdown

Receive Items Directly

  • Mark the inventory adjustment (restock/damaged/lost).

  • Select the checkbox to refund and update the amount to be refunded.

  • Select convert to 'Store credits' or 'Give a refund'. If 'Give a refund' is selected, then select the payment method from the dropdown.

  • Click on Receive Items and refund.

Create Return Shipment

  • You can assign a shipper and give the shipment tracking ID and mark it as shipped.

  • Once the return shipment arrives at the facility, you can receive the items.

  • Select receive items, mention the inventory adjustment (restock/damaged/lost) and confirm.

  • Item will be marked as returned.

  • If a refund is being made against this return, please select the checkbox, select the mode of refund and confirm the refund

  • Click on Receive Items and Refund.

Impact on QBO

Refer to our QuickBooks Online article for more details about return and refund impact on QBO.

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