Store credits are issued in lieu of a cash refund. They can be used by a customer to make a purchase in the future at the store and are redeemed as a payment method.

On Account is a mechanism by which you can sell products “on-account” of the customer – the customer makes the payment at a later time, and not at the time of purchase/order creation.

Store Credits

Main Menu ->Customer -> Customer Name -> View history, under Store Credits -> Add/deduct store credits

Redemption of Store Credits

While creating a new order, if a customer has store credits, they can use them as a payment method. If the credits are in surplus, the remainder will still be available for future purchases.

If the credits are insufficient for a purchase, you can add another partial payment method to pay for the order.

On Account

On-Account represents an amount that the customer owes you – this is derived from the amount that is unpaid on an invoice (Note: not an order).

You can view the On Account amount of a customer on the customer detail page.

Main Menu ->Customer -> Customer Name -> View history, under On Account

Settling On Account transactions

Customers -> Select a customer -> On Account History -> Actions

Here you can add a payment or void the invoice.

Creating On Account Orders

While creating a POS order, in the review screen, you can either choose one of the payment methods or click on complete sale and the amount will be automatically added to On Account.

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