You can view inventory in Primaseller, by navigating to Main Menu -> Inventory -> Stock Levels.

Next, select the facility you would like to view the inventory for.

Inventory Actions and SKU actions.

In 'stock levels' you will find an inventory actions dropdown which contains:

  • Upload to Edit: To upload an inventory sheet to edit the inventory of all SKUs in a facility.

  • Upload to Increment: To add inventory to all SKUs in a facility.

  • Upload Inventory Tacking Details: To upload tracking details for SKUs in a facility. Visit the Imports article to know more about inventory uploads.

  • Print Bulk Barcodes: To print barcodes in bulk for your SKUs.

The actions you can take on an SKU are:

  • View: Opens the inventory details page of the SKU.

  • Print Barcodes: Lets you print barcodes for the SKU.

  • Mark as Damaged (More Actions): To mark any inventory as damaged This will prevent the inventory from getting allocated to orders.

  • Resolve Damaged (More Actions): To mark the damaged inventory as resolved. You can either fix the damaged item, in which case it gets restocked, or you can discard it.

SKU Inventory Detail Page

Navigate to Main Menu -> Inventory -> select Facility -> SKU -> View (actions), to view the SKU inventory Detail page.

  • Inventory Overview: The inventory overview shows the stock of the SKU across all facilities. You will see inventory counters for the SKU for all facilities. You can adjust the stock of the item in each of these facilities, enable the inventory tracking for the SKU, and add the reorder point and restock levels. Inventory can also be marked as damaged or marked as resolved in any facility for the SKU.

  • History: Shows the history of the SKU in the facilities. All inventory changes for the SKU in the facility will be recorded in reverse chronological order. The quantities modified for each inventory counter will be recorded along with the type of inventory change and the user details.


This tab shows the details of the Average Cost Price and Average Landed Cost Price for the product and the facility.

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