An 'inventory batch' represents a set of inventory items that are received on a specific date at a specific cost. Inventory batches allow for traceability for specific inventory received from a supplier at a particular cost.

This is used when your catalog has items that have an expiry or a frequently changing purchase(cost) price.

A batch record is created for every inbound transaction or inventory adjust increment. For outbound transactions, items move out of the batches, and the quantity in the batches decreases.

The available quantity is tracked as and how items are added to and removed from the inventory. After the available quantity reaches zero for a specific batch, the batch is retired.

Enabling Batches

Main Menu -> Settings -> Advanced Configuration -> Inventory.

Additionally, for specific SKUs, you will need to enable batches while creating the product - by toggling the ‘Has Batches’ option.

Stock by Batches

  • To view stock by batches, navigate to Main Menu -> Inventory -> Stock by batches.

  • Select the facility and the batch.

  • The stock within the batch will be shown, with the quantity and the expiry date of the batch.

Adding inventory to a batched product.

  • Main Menu -> Inventory -> Stock Levels

  • Select the batch-enabled product for which inventory is to be added.

  • Click on the edit icon next to the inventory counter of the item.

  • Select 'Add inventory' and 'Select batch'.

  • Select the expiry date and click on Save.

Managing Batches in Sale Orders

Batches play a role in Picking – where you will have to manually enter Batch numbers in addition to the Bin Number for a given batched SKU. The rest of the order processing remains the same.

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