The master catalog is the primary set of all your products and SKUs in your account.


Catalog > Master Catalog -> Products.

Products are the goods that you sell. Products are marked with key information such as their name, brand, description. They also have attributes that can be used to define their variations (ex: color, size, shape, etc.).

Each product has a unique product code. Products do not hold any stock – they have SKUs which eventually hold inventory. Click here to read more about Products.


Catalog > Master Catalog -> SKUs

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are the individual items for sale with their distinct variations and attributes. A product can have one or multiple SKUs (depending on variations). Each variation is a separate SKU with a unique SKU code and barcode. Click here to read about SKUs.


Catalog > Master Catalog -> Bundles

A 'Bundle' is an SKU that acts as a set/kit/combo of SKUs. Each Bundle SKU can have multiple SKUs with corresponding quantities.

When an order is placed for a Bundle SKU, Primaseller will block the inventory of the underlying SKUs. Click here to read more about bundles.


Catalog > Master Catalog -> Services

You can create SKUs for services and add them to orders to charge the customer for the service items without having to maintain an inventory for these items. Example: shipping, packaging, installation, etc. Click here to read about services.

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