A price list is a list containing every individual SKU and its respective price. A price list is referred to in Channels and Customer Groups. SKUs need to be configured in the Master Catalog before a price list can be created. Price lists belong to a Business Unit.

The Master Catalog has default prices from which a price list can be created. However, these prices on the master catalog are simply for reference and are not used on any sale channel.

Each channel needs to have an associated price list. You can choose to have a single price list across all your channels or you can create different price lists for different channels.

Customer Groups can have their own price lists. In this case, the default price list for the channel is overridden and the customer price list will be applied. Such overrides can only be applied for B2B, Custom, and POS Channels.

Creating a Price Lists

  • Main Menu -> Catalog -> Price Lists -> New Price List

  • Enter the price list name and currency.

  • Set the price rule.
    - On Price: The Price value will be used for the channels associated with this price list.
    - On Sale: A discount on Price will be applied depending on the discount rule.

  • Add Items: Items can be added manually, imported from the Master Catalog, or imported from another price list. You can also import SKUs and their prices in bulk using a CSV Upload.

  • Each Product/SKU has a Price and a Sale Price. Price is mandatory.

Running a Sale using Price Lists

You can configure a price list to run a sale.

  • Select the sale start date and end date.

  • If no discount percentage is given, the Sale Price will be applicable for the duration of the sale.

  • If a discount percentage is provided, then, for the duration of the sale, the discount will be applied to Price values and the Sale Price will be ignored.

  • Once the sale period is over, then the price list will return to running on the Price value.

Cloning a Price List

A price list can also be cloned. The SKU’s will be copied to the cloned price list, along with their prices from the existing price list. Changes such as discounts or price editing can be done on the cloned price list as needed.

Main Menu -> Catalog -> Price List -> More -> Clone

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