Bundles can be added to a price list and you can run sales or have multiple price lists for different customer groups. First, a bundle needs to be created in Primaseller, and then that SKU can be associated with an existing pricelist or a new price list.

How to add Bundle SKU to Pricelist

  • From the Main Menu, select Pricelist.

  • Click on New Pricelist.

  • Fill up the Pricelist name, Currency, Price rules, etc.

  • Click on Next.

  • You will see four options to add SKUs

  1. Add Single SKU: To add one SKU at a time by searching the bundle SKU and selecting the listing to add the Bundle SKU to this pricelist. Enter the Price Value and sale price value and click on the check mark (✓).

  2. Upload SKUs with prices: To bulk upload the list of bundle SKUs with prices. For more details, click here.

  3. Fetch SKU’s from Master catalog: All SKUs from the master catalog will be available in this price list, including bundle SKUs.

  4. Fetch from another Pricelist: To fetch SKUs from another existing Pricelist. Under the Source price list option select the price list from which you would like to import the SKUs. Any item from the source price list, not present in the destination price list, will be added. Depending on the above configuration, existing SKUs that match will also have their prices updated

Note that the source price list and the price list you are creating should have the same currency. If its different currency you will receive an error and the task cannot be completed.

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