You can learn more about Business Units here.

While some configurations in Primaseller are Company-wide, there are some specific to each Business Unit, for when you have multiple diverse Business Units.

For each Business Unit, you can configure the following:

Business Unit Details: Edit the BU details like Name, Logo, Contact details, and address.

Facilities: Facilities belong to Business Units.

  • You can add a facility using the “Add new facility” button.

  • You can also edit an existing facility, the facility details, and the facility layout.

Tax Configuration

  • Tax Classes
    - Add new tax classes.
    - Edit or delete existing tax classes.
    - Tax Classes are used to set up various tax rates that need to be applied when a sale is made and an invoice is generated.
    - Each class specifies a tax name (which will be used on the invoices), a tax rate, and whether the tax is to be calculated inclusive or exclusive of the price.

  • Tax Categories
    - Add a new tax category and assign a 'tax category code' to each tax category.
    - Edit or delete existing tax categories.
    - Tax Categories are used when you have different tax rates depending on the type of products you sell.
    - Tax Category Code can also be the HSN code for some countries.

  • Tax Rules
    - Create Tax Rules to assign a specific Tax Class to each Tax Category
    - Create tax rules to assign a specific Tax Class to sales from a particular source or destination.
    - Edit or delete existing tax rules.

  • Tax Application Logic
    - Configure when tax is applied - before or after discounts.
    - Configure if prices are inclusive or exclusive of taxes.

  • Tax Rule Checker
    - You can check if a tax rule is applicable to a product.


  • Add shippers, custom, or integrated.

  • Edit existing shippers.


  • Templates:
    - Create new invoice templates.
    - Edit templates, and data that appears on invoices.

  • Sequence Numbers:
    - Configure invoice sequence numbers. Your invoices start from the configured number.

Payment Methods

  • Add and edit payment methods. These payment methods will be used on channels.


  • Create and configure Bin labels, Shipment labels, Tote labels, and SKU labels.

Advanced BU Settings

  • Configure BU Specific Timezone, Language, and Number Precision.

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