This section allows you to:

  • Set invoice templates for specific channels

  • Set Invoice Sequence Numbers correctly

Invoice Templates

Each channel can have its own invoice template. The template depends on the guidelines provided by the online channel or the type of printer you use at your retail outlet. Every channel can have only one invoice template associated with it.

Note: If you require a custom template, kindly contact support for help.

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the left menu

  2. Click on Templates.

Add a New Invoice Template

  1. The Default template will apply to all channels, except when it is overridden

  2. You can a different template set up for each channel.

  3. To add a new template, click on “Add New Template” or edit an existing template

  4. Add all the configuration details to the template.

You can configure the following sections:

  • Design – Basic header, footer, and logo

  • Company – Company name, facility address, 'Contact Us' details, tax identification number, email address, and contact number.

  • Customer – Choose the customer details that you wish to display.

  • Data – The data that appears from the underlying invoice information.

  • Email – Sender name, reply-to email, and email subject.

5. Provide a Template name and click on Save.

Add Overrides For Channels

  • Click on Add Override

  • Select the channel to which the override invoice template needs to be added.

  • Select the template from the list of templates that were created.

  • The checkbox can be selected to keep the email template same as the print template, or set to a different email template.

  • Click on save.

Invoice Sequence Numbers

You can set different invoice sequence numbers for some or all of the channels, depending on your need.

To create a new sequence and assign it to any channel:

  • Click on Sequence number

  • Click on Add New Sequence

  • Set the Sequence Pattern and Starting Sequence Number for that particular channel.

  • Use a Valid Tag: Primaseller has a list of tags that can be added to your sequence. These tags will automatically change depending on the current value.

For Example – If you set the sequence pattern to {seq}-{mm}-{dd}, with the starting sequence number as 1 and 17th December as the date of creation of the invoice, then the first invoice number will read as 00001-12-17.


The new sequence will apply only for invoices generated after that sequence was set/updated. All invoices created before that will have an invoice number based on its prior setting.
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