A 'Tag' can be used to label a Product, SKU, purchase order, etc. You can also use a filter based on the tags to categorize products and organize search results.

Tags can be used to group related products so that you can view all of them at once when required.

Tags can be configured for:

  • Products

  • SKU’s

  • Purchase Orders

  • Customers

  • Sale Orders

Steps to Configure Tags:

  1. Click On Settings.

  2. Click on Tags.

  3. Select Product Tags/ SKU Tags/Purchase Order Tags/Customer Tags/Sale Order Tags as needed.

  4. Click On Add Tag.

  5. Provide the Name and select a Colour for the tag. Ex: Under Customer Tags, you can have a 'Platinum Customer' tag that helps you filter only customers you designate as such.

  6. Click on the checkmark to save it.

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