You can configure your Primaseller account in the 'Company settings' menu. To configure company settings, navigate to Main Menu -> Settings -> Company settings.

You can configure the following here:

Company and Business Units (BU)

  • Add New Business Unit: You can add a new business unit to your account.

  • Edit Company Details: Access to edit details such as company name, email, phone, and logo.

  • Edit BU: To edit the details of the specific BU – Name, Contact, BU logo, and Address.


  • Billing: You can make changes to your subscription plan, payment methods, and add or delete any add-ons here. You can also deactivate subscriptions on this page.

  • Invoices: This contains a record of all the invoices generated for your subscriptions.

  • USPS Credits: Add USPS credits to your account here. These credits can later be used to generate shipping labels for your shipments.

Users and Permissions

  • Users & Roles: Add and delete a user, and modify user roles in this section.

  • Sales Reps: Add, edit, and archive Sales Representatives.

Currency Rates

  • You can check the currency conversion used in Primaseller here.

Products & SKUs

  • Variant Configuration: Add various product parameters and values to the account. You can also edit and archive variation values.

  • Barcode Sequence: When enabled, barcodes are automatically generated for all products and SKUs.

  • Product Code Sequence: When enabled, the product codes are automatically generated.

  • SKU Code Sequence: When enabled, the SKU codes are automatically generated.

Custom Fields

  • You can add or edit custom fields for products, SKUs, suppliers, purchase orders, customers in this section. You can add up to 5 custom fields to each parameter.


  • You can add tags to Products, SKUs, Purchase Orders, Customers, and Sale Orders here.

Advanced Configuration

  • Company Settings: Default company settings can be set up here.

  • Inventory: You can enable product batches using the “Products have batches” toggle. Partial quantities can be enabled using the inventory “Has partial quantities” toggle. Bundles can be enabled using the “Enable bundles” toggle. Warranty can be enabled using the “SKUs have warranty” toggle.

  • Sales: You can enable invoice serial numbers here using the “Invoices have serial numbers” toggle.

  • Purchasing: You can enable taxes on Purchase Receipts using the “Purchase Receipts have taxes” toggle.

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